A Message From 2040

Composer, Sound Designer, Sound Editor

Created by JustSpeak and ActionStation

Writers/coordinators: Tania Sawicki Mead, Madeleine Ashton-Martyn & Laura O’Connell Rapira
Animation: Open Lab
Creative Director: Michael Kelly
Animator: Ruben O’Hara
Illustrator: Aeluna Nissan


Life Is Easy

Web series
Composer, Sound Designer, Music Supervisor, Music Editor

Composition team: Crystal Amor-Ponter, Imugi 이무기, Thomas Lambert, Ben Lemi, Riki Neihana, Reem Musa Sefian/MEER, Nell Thomas, Tokerau Wilson/Big Fat Raro

Life Is Easy on TVNZ OnDemand

Friendly Potential Mix


Composer, Selector

Kissing The Doubt


Music Editor

Kissing The Doubt was a part of the NZ Music Double Bill show Dances With Aldous put on by Tempo Festival.

Choreographer: Zahra Killeen-Chance
Dancers: Ella-Rose Trew, Sarah Knox, Ariana Hond
Music: Aldous Harding
Costume: Amanda Smith, Rachelle Moore (AUT Textile & Design Laboratory)
Lighting: Molloy

October 2019: Tempo Festival; Q Theatre, Auckland

A Fragrant Tone Of Light



Collaborators: Puti Lancaster, Owen McCarthy, Ruby Reihana-Wilson, Manuel Solomon, Eru Heke

September 2019: Parlour Projects, Hastings

“Emi Pogoni has created a mesmerising soundscape that holds the whole piece like a spinal column.”
-- Jess Soutar Barron & Bridie Freeman, The Hook