Elliptical Fictions



Elliptical Fictions was first part of the double bill show Balancing Point by Footnote Dance NZ, then presented as part of the triple bill show Hemispheres by Footnote Dance NZ and Guangdong Modern Dance Company.

Choreographer: Zahra Killeen-Chance
Visual Artist: Richard Killeen
Dancers: Georgia Beechey-Gradwell, Tyler Carney, Joshua Faleatua, Anu Khapung, Adam Naughton (Footnote Dance NZ)
Lighting Designer: Marcus McShane
Technical Operator: Andrew Furness
Photography: Caroline Atkinson

Thanks: Amy Barnett, Lucy Beeler, Cory Champion

February-March 2019: Hemispheres Aotearoa/New Zealand Tour
November 2018: Hemispheres China Tour
August 2018: Balancing Point Aotearoa/New Zealand Tour

“Emi Pogoni's outstanding sound score, with its drone-like insistency, perfectly complements the choreography.”
-- Ann Hunt, Stuff

“Elliptical Fictions’ electronic soundscape by Emi Pogoni evolves similarly to the other elements of the work, creating a sense of timelessness and abstraction.”
-- Brigitte Knight, DANZ

“evocative electronic score”
-- Dr Ian Lochhead, Theatreview

“The accompanying electronic sound score by Emi Pogoni provides another rich layer, with all three art forms running on parallel trajectories.”
-- Sue Cheesman, Theatreview