Elliptical Fictions was part of the double bill show Balancing Point put on by Footnote Dance Company.

Choreographer: Zahra Killeen-Chance
Visual Artist: Richard Killeen
Dancers: Georgia Beechey-Gradwell, Tyler Carney, Joshua Faleatua, Anu Khapung, Adam Naughton (Footnote Dance Company)
Lighting Designer: Marcus McShane
Technical Operator: Andrew Furness
Photography: Caroline Atkinson

Thanks: Amy Barnett, Lucy Beeler, Cory Champion

August 2018:
Te Whaea, Wellington
Aurora Centre, Christchurch
Q Theatre, Auckland

“Emi Pogoni's outstanding sound score, with its drone-like insistency, perfectly complements the choreography.”

-- Ann Hunt, Stuff

“Elliptical Fictions’ electronic soundscape by Emi Pogoni evolves similarly to the other elements of the work, creating a sense of timelessness and abstraction.”

-- Brigitte Knight, DANZ

“evocative electronic score”

-- Dr Ian Lochhead, Theatreview

“The accompanying electronic sound score by Emi Pogoni provides another rich layer, with all three art forms running on parallel trajectories.”

-- Sue Cheesman, Theatreview